“We hired Nancy to defend our son who was charged with Federal drug trafficking. When our kids were younger, we watched a cop show and I said “If you’re ever in trouble with the law, don’t call me cause I won’t help.” But when our son was charged, I realized two things:

1) I might never see my son outside of prison in my lifetime.
2) There was a possibility he’d go to a med to high security prison.

So I got online and started looking for the best attorney I could find who was expert in Federal defense. Even though Nancy’s name kept popping up with rave reviews, I ignored her because I mistakenly thought my son would prefer a man. But after a full day of vetting other attorneys, I finally called her. Within the 15-20 min. conversation, I knew she was the one. She was confident in her ability to handle his case and had a no nonsense approach. The other attorney’s I talked to acted confident too, but I didn’t get the sense they could get the job done to the same level as Nancy.

Now it’s one thing to hire an attorney, but you really don’t know if you’ve made the right decision until the work begins. Here’s what I can tell you: She spent a year working on my son’s case. During that time, she picked up the phone when I called, and always responded quickly to other communications. She dug deep and fought hard as each new hurdle came to light. Sometimes it seemed every day we’d get more bad news on what they were heaping on him. Nancy went beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion.

The year of defense was a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, but the one thing that remained constant, was the peace of knowing he was in such good hands. Ultimately, her hard work paid off. He’ll be a free man in a few years and he’s going to a low security prison.
— One grateful mom
Nancy Kardon, is an excellent attorney she came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! She wants to know everything about the details in your case. She is extremly oriented, step by step to fully understand WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW AND WHY. She treated me like a person gave her undivided attention to me to fully understand my case and fought for my freedom. NANCY KARDON not only a great attorney but an excellent person and will put 110% into your case. She saw right thru the lies and got me the JUSTICE I deserved.
I was arrested and indicted by the Federal Government. I was charged with conspiracy to distribute over 35 pounds of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute over 35 pounds of cocaine, and possession of a loaded firearm in furtherance of the drug distribution. These charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Being financially strapped I could not afford to hire a lawyer, so I instead had to have a defense lawyer appointed by the government. The court appointed Nancy Kardon as my defense. (All Glory to GOD.) I was appointed an honest, caring, and hardworking person that was absolutely great at what she does.

Over a long and grueling process I was found Not Guilty of All Charges, which is almost unheard of in the Federal system. Now I’m back at home with my beautiful family and I’m forever grateful for GOD bringing someone like Nancy Kardon into my life. She’s an ex-prosecutor now devoted to defending people that need help. In my opinion you couldn’t ask for a better person to represent you.
— D.L.
I would like you to know there are no words BIG enough to describe what a
“Heaven Sent Angel” you have been in my life. I am forever thankful God sent you my way in the time of need.

At the same time I would like share with those who are either looking for a criminal defense attorney or who have been appointed to you for representation the following:
“You are in great hands and blessed to have Nancy Kardon on your side”

Nancy is truly a woman to be admired. She has every quality from A-Z; you name it, she has it! She is a dedicated, empathetic, sweet comforting human being and a well experienced, proactive, aggressive attorney.

The first time I met Nancy, I felt her positive energy resonate throughout the room and her confident approach to my legal situation was amazing. I felt reassured, someone who finally understood me all within the first 5 minutes of talking to her., she also conveyed the same feeling to my family.

Nancy is an ethical, trustworthy, dedicated attorney with lots of years of experience who has a gift of being the BEST at what she does but also has a true COMMITMENT to her profession.

Nancy believed in me and reassured me everything was going to be okay. I had so many questions, concerns, and fears; she always had the answers, the time to explain, and never at one point made me feel unimportant, or too busy for her schedule.

What makes Nancy so very special to me is her COMMITMENT. She made a promise to me during my case, she said no matter what “She would always be there for me, until the end” and she was. My case lasted 5 years and during this timeframe she never left me with any doubts, and was always available for me until the last day of the case.

Nancy is an amazing attorney I would recommended her to anyone in need of representation. She takes her job seriously and treats her clients with respect.

You are blessed and fortunate to be represented by Nancy Kardon.

Thank you so very much for all you did for me.

May you always be blessed.
— Z.E.
If you’re facing criminal charges and are looking for a true defense attorney that really cares about her clients, then Nancy Kardon is the one for you and your family.

Our experience was devastating as we had never dealt with our unfair Federal Judicial system (which has a 97% conviction rate). Most defendants take deals rather than face the maximum prison terms set by our Federal government for each count charged if they fight and lose their case. My son was being charged as part of a drug conspiracy ring, possession of a loaded firearm, and possession with intent to distribute over 35 pounds of cocaine. He was looking at 20+ years if convicted.

Nancy Kardon, having the experience of being an ex-prosecutor, knew exactly what to expect and completely surprised the prosecution. When she attacked every phase of the trial like a pit bull, it took the opposition totally by surprise. To God Be the Glory, after a trial that lasted almost 2 weeks my son was found NOT GUILTY of all three counts.

I’m forever grateful to Nancy Kardon and her investigating team for never letting up in spite of all the obstacles, and always believing in my son’s innocence.
— E.L.
Nancy Kardon is an amazing attorney. I have never been in legal trouble in my life and was facing some extreme repercussions: possibly time in prison and a lot of money to pay.

I did not realize how scary it can be inside a courtroom. I observed how other people that did not have the representation of an attorney like Nancy were being demeaned by the legal system. Nancy made sure I was safe, and she gave me comfort and compassion as a human being.

Beyond that, Nancy really went the extra mile for me. She went to bat 100%! She is strong, intelligent and her presence commands respect for her clients.

My case resulted in no conviction, and a clean record. If not for Nancy representing me, I know I would have not come out the other side in such a great way.
— H.R.
I was one of the chosen jurors for one of Nancy Kardon’s federal trials. In fact I was the one who was elected to be the Foreman.

Nancy did an excellent job as the Defense Lawyer in the case. Very professional, well spoken, polite. etc. Everyone on the jury agreed that IF we ever needed a defense lawyer we would look her up.
— J.A.
Ms. Kardon represented me in a very serious case. My impending future was a prison term. After a brief meeting she was able to assess my case and immediately took a hands-on approach.

Ms. Kardon worked behind the scenes with the law enforcement agency involved, as well as with the D.A.’s office.

On the day of the hearing, Ms. Kardon went the extra-mile by interfacing directly with the D.A. (in the courtroom!) on my behalf. This was extremely rare, and was an opportunity not given to many defense attorneys.

Her assertive and hard-hitting approach resulted in a positive end to my case in record time. As a result of Ms. Kardon’s expertise and hard work, two of my three charges were dropped completely and she succeeded in getting a probationary sentence for my third charge after only one court session.

I am forever grateful.
— M.D.
I just want to say thanks again for taking care of things on my behalf, I admired your agrresiveness to stand behind my testimony. The one thing I’ll never forget as I a client is that from the very beginning I felt you were going to defend me through out the process and that you were willing to go to trial in faith that I was innocent of any criminal intent. When you called to tell me my case was dismissed I was still sleeping, recovering from the dehydration Jack Daniel’s gives, and the only thing I could think about was story from the bible, when a female [ i forgot her name] was asking God for a favor and she promised God she would stop doing something if God answered her prayers, and he did, but after she was done praying her dad or male relative came in and accused of being drunk. He told her “you’r drunk again.”
Anyways, just wanted to let you know where my head was, well i could get more into my philosophical views but by now you are probably moving on. So, in conclusion thank you very much ma’m.
— J.M.

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