Don’t let a fire extinguish your future.


Arson is the crime of maliciously, voluntarily and willfully setting fire to the building, buildings, or other property of another or of burning one's own property for an improper purpose, such as to collect insurance. Arson is a very serious offense, and is often charged as a Federal crime, a conviction for which results in a mandatory minimum five-year Federal prison sentence.  

At Kardon Law, we aggressively challenge the government’s arson investigation and charges so as to reduce our client’s sentencing exposure in the first instance, and then work towards obtaining the lowest possible sentence, if any, for our clients.  Prosecutors take arson very seriously and they often have the court’s bias working in their favor, especially in periods of drought when fires travel fast and cause extensive damage.  You need an attorney who takes your case just as seriously, telling your story in the light most favorable to you.


If you have been charged with arson, please contact us for a consultation. 

Assault & Battery

Assertive counsel to help you move on. 


By definition, assault is an attempt to inflict physical harm or injury; battery involves touching a person in a damaging or offensive manner. The punishments for assault and battery can range from a hefty fine to prison time. Relevant factors such as self-defense, defense of property, defense of others and lack of intent can contribute to a successful defense.

At Kardon Law, we conduct a full investigation of the event in question, including an analysis of the crime scene and any observations of witnesses, and present a factual package to the prosecuting agency. Through this in-depth investigation and presentation, we are able to present our clients with the best possible options.  We do everything we can to minimize the impact this episode will have on your life.


If you have been charged with assault & battery, please contact us for a consultation. 

Bankruptcy Fraud/Bank Fraud/Mortgage Fraud

Timing is everything in successful financial fraud defense. 


The Department of Justice, via the United States Attorneys across the country, has made the investigation and prosecution of mortgage fraud its top priority. Real estate professionals, mortgage professionals and borrowers are subjects and targets of these investigations.  If you have been charged or are currently being investigated for a form of financial fraud, it is critical to proceed in a timely and proactive way.

Nancy Kardon, as a former federal prosecutor, is intimately familiar with the nuances of these investigations and the strategies can be used to ward off the harshest of sentences. Time is critical.  We have helped many people avoid prosecution through prompt intervention and can help you work towards a similar result.


If you have been charged with Mortgage, Bankruptcy or Banking Fraud, please contact us for a consultation. 


Find breaks in the case, not a broken future. 


In Colorado, burglary can be charged as a felony if the prosecution can prove a defendant broke into a building with the intent to steal. Burglary crimes can be charged as first or second degree, depending on the type of building broken into and the value of property stolen, and can result in significant jail or prison time. At Kardon Law, we proactively and aggressively investigate the facts of the case to create a factual presentation for the prosecutor’s office that allows for the filing of the lesser charge with the attendant minimum punishment.  Nancy Kardon will fight to get the best possible resolution available in your case, and she knows what the options are because she has been a prosecutor herself.  Trust your defense to her extensive experience.


If you have been charged with Burglary, please contact us for a consultation

Child Exploration/Child Pornography

Society may dismiss you, a powerful advocate will not. 


Child exploitation offenses include (but are not limited to) child pornography, traveling to engage in sexual acts with a minor, child prostitution, trafficking, sex tourism, kidnapping, parental kidnapping, child custody and child support. If a crime is committed using the Internet, or otherwise involves more than one jurisdiction, the case is often investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and prosecuted federally. In most cases, local police departments or other government agencies assist the FBI in preparing a detailed case against child exploitation and Internet offenders. Crimes of this nature are regularly charged as felony offenses, which could result in a Federal or State prison sentence. 

At Kardon Law, we have extensive expertise defending these charges at both the federal and state levels. We commonly engage expert psychologists to conduct a full psychological evaluations of the charged client in an effort to resolve the case the most favorably way.  And throughout the case, we are courteous, discreet, efficient and respectful because we know the thing you need most right now is a legal ally. 


If you have been charged with Child Exploration/Child Pornography, please contact us for a consultation. 

Domestic Violence

There are other sides to these stories, but yours is the one that matters to us. 


Domestic violence (also referred to as spousal abuse or co-habitant abuse) includes incidents between a husband and wife, a boyfriend and girlfriend and/or between co-habitants. Domestic violence charges vary and can result in fines, mandatory community service, mandatory behavioral treatment or jail time. Severe sentencing can result if prior domestic violence incidents have been filed and/or if domestic violence charges are filed as a felony, usually as the result of an injury being suffered.

At Kardon Law, we create a defense-perspective package for the prosecuting agency-- utilizing expert reports when appropriate - which details what actually occurred during the “incident,” as compared with the police reports taken at the time of the incident. We work to gain a true understanding of the parties, their relationship, their history and what motivated the activities on the charged occasion. It is through the personalizing of the people involved and the events in question that we are able to produce the best results for our clients.  Ultimately, these cases turn on whose story seems most accurate and true and we will do everything we can to make sure that story is yours.


If you have been charged with Domestic Violence, please contact us for a consultation.  

Drug Crimes

Mandatory minimums can destroy lives too. 


Drug crimes include misdemeanor and felony charges at the State or Federal level. Drug charges can include (but are not limited to) drug conspiracy, drug possession for personal use, drug possession for sale, drug trafficking, and drug manufacturing. Drug charges can result in serious county jail or State or Federal prison sentences, many of them governed by mandatory minimums that allow for little flexibility in sentences. At the state level, sentencing may include Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ), a Proposition 36 (Prop 36) drug program, probation, county jail, or incarceration in State prison. At the Federal level, sentencing may include probation or Federal prison time.

At Kardon Law, we aggressively challenge the charges in the first instance, seeking the greatest reduction in charges initially, to then achieve optimal results at sentencing.  From negotiating plea deals to a full court press at trial, we do everything we can to achieve the best possible result in your case. 


If you have been charged with a drug crime, please contact us for a consultation. 


Mistakes happen, but your case shouldn’t be one. 


In Colorado, a DUI conviction can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver's license, insurance cancellation or a massive increase in insurance costs, loss of employment or employment possibilities and/or jail time. Because of the steady increase in drunk-driving-related deaths in the state, prosecutors often seek the harshest sentence possible in each case.

At Kardon Law, we prepare for and conduct all administrative and court hearings with an eye toward educating the DMV and prosecutors as to the uniqueness of our clients' case and as such, the appropriateness of a significantly lesser charge and/or punishment.  We know that most DUIs are not planned and most clients deserve a chance.  Let us work for you to get that point across. 


If you have been charged with a DUI, please contact us for a consultation.

Firearm Violations

Choose counsel that knows your rights. 


Colorado firearm laws are extremely complex, and require a great deal of experience and knowledge when an attorney presents a defense.  Firearm violation charges can include (but are not limited to) unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful sales of firearms, possession of a concealed firearm, unlawful discharge of a firearm, possession of a loaded firearm, possession of assault weapons, and National Firearms Act Violations.  You may be looking at both state and federal law violations that can lead to long sentences and other sanctions.

At Kardon Law, we have spent years navigating the charging statutes and sentencing options around firearm violations and we know firsthand what the prosecutor is thinking when approaching a case because we used to be in their shoes.  The experience of understanding the options available to the prosecution is invaluable to because we know what to offer and negotiate in exchange to achieve the most favorable results for out clients.  Especially in a time when gun rights and gun violence is the source of controversy and much media attention, you need an attorney who can calmly, aggressively and effectively defend your rights.


If you have been charged with a Firearm Violation, please contact us for a consultation. 


Fraud Crimes

Fighting Fraud Charges with Experience. 


Fraud and/or forgery crimes can result in jail time if charged at the state level or prison time if charged at the federal level. Fraud crimes with a connection to interstate commerce, such as bank fraud and health care fraud, are most often charged at the federal level. In both state and federal fraud cases, there are numerous complex issues that relate to sentencing which, if fully and appropriately addressed, could result in a probationary sentence.

At Kardon Law, we aggressively pursue that probationary sentence when appropriate, but we also work hard to secure a not guilty verdict when appropriate.  No matter the charge, we will fight for the most desirable outcome under the circumstances. 


If you have been charged with a general fraud crime, please contact us for a consultation. 

Immigration Crimes

Not having citizenship doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. 


Immigration crimes prosecuted in the federal courts include, among other things, illegal entry into the United States, smuggling illegal aliens into the United States, and harboring or otherwise assisting illegal aliens. Immigration crimes are considered serious federal crimes, which can result in both a federal prison sentence, as well as devastating deportation consequences.

At Kardon Law, we are well-versed in immigration law and seek to protect, at all times, our clients’ criminal and immigration rights, while helping them to address the personal, professional and familial consequences these charges can have.  As an immigrant, you sometimes need an advocate. We can be yours.


If you have been charged with an immigration crime, please contact us for a consultation. 

Juvenile Crimes

Our youth deserves chances, not sentences.


Juvenile crimes include misdemeanor and felony-charged crimes committed by a person under age 18. In some cases, a juvenile may be charged as an adult if the crime is a felony. Most juvenile crime sentences are less severe than adult crime sentences.

As such, at Kardon Law, our first objective is to keep the charges in juvenile court. Additionally, our goal is to keep the prosecuting agency focused on helping the child (as opposed to punishing the child), which is the primary objective of the juvenile court system, so that the case can be resolved most successfully for our clients.  We want you or your child’s youthful indiscretions to stay in the past, not haunt their futures.  As a parent herself, Nancy Kardon is deeply committed to giving every juvenile client the best possible shot at the least oppressive consequences.


If you or your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, please contact us for a consultation. 

Sex Crimes

One act can last a lifetime.  Choose your counsel wisely. 


There are many categories of sex crimes including forcible rape, date rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, lewd conduct, exhibitionism, voyeurism, prostitution, solicitation and pimping. Sex crime charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, are very serious in nature and are punished severely.

At Kardon Law we investigate the facts of the case fully, utilizing the services of experts when appropriate to combat the serious prejudice encountered by individuals charged with a sex offense and thereby resolve the case successfully.  Nancy Kardon has committed the bulk of her legal career to defending clients accused of sex crimes because she feels strongly that the most maligned and vilified members of our society are as deserving of a robust defense and any other person.  She will work hard – discreetly, professionally and respectfully – to make sure you get a fair shot.


If you have been charged with a sex crime, please contact us for a consultation. 

Theft Crimes

Bad advice can steal your life.  Good advice can save it. 


At the state level, theft crimes - such as petty theft - can be charged as either misdemeanors or infractions. More serious theft crimes such as grand theft or embezzlement can be charged as felonies, making them very serious in nature. At the federal level, bank robbery and other federal theft crimes are serious felonies which can result in lengthy prison sentences.


At Kardon Law, we utilize our expertise in both State and federal theft-related cases to achieve the best results for our clients.  The advice your attorney provides can be the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony charge, a long sentence, probation, or none at all.  Choose an attorney who has spent years defending cases likes these in both state and federal law.  Choose Nancy Kardon and Kardon Law. 


If you have been charged with a theft crime, please contact us for a consultation


Don’t let a conviction threaten your future. 


Making a threat to the person or property of another, or to extort anything of value from another, over the telephone, via mail or over the Internet is a serious federal crime, which can result in a federal prison sentence.   What may seem like simply an emotional or offhand remark at the time can lead to serious consequences and a lifetime of regret. 

At Kardon Law, we investigate the facts of the case fully, utilizing the services of experts, if appropriate, and investigate both the relationship between the parties, as well as any possible legitimate reason for the alleged threat and/or the alleged victim’s motive to make a false accusation. We then present a package to the prosecution outlining the defense view of the case and seeking a successful resolution for our clients.  We know that words carry weight – and we work hard to make sure ours carry more weight than yours did. 


If you have been charged with making threats or extortion, please contact us for a consultation. 


Keeping the damage in perspective. 


Vandalism is the purposeful destruction of property by means of graffiti, inscription, cutting, breaking or any other means of defamation. Vandalism crimes include destruction or damage to vehicles, signs, cemeteries or other property. Vandalism can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony.

At Kardon Law, we thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding the incident, including obtaining the statements of any witnesses, and then prepare a presentation packet for the prosecution that seeks either a dismissal of the case, a reduction in the charges or a significantly reduced sentence.  We know firsthand that most incidents of vandalism are not indicative of a greater criminal propensity – and are often simply expressions of angst, anger or disenfranchisement.   We work hard to make sure the consequences don’t outweigh the crime. 


If you have been charged with vandalism, please contact us for a consultation.