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Anytime you find yourself under arrest or investigation for a crime, the stakes are high and the pressure is on.  There is a finite period of time to make critical calls.  Decisions that will shape the rest of your life take only a few moments to make.  Police officers, prosecutors, judges and juries can each take definitive steps that will impact your life, your family and your livelihood forever. 

In the face of such a daunting system, it is easy to feel powerless and small.  With the counsel of an experienced attorney however – someone with extensive knowledge of the process, the players and the options available on both sides of a courtroom- you actually can steer the decisions made about your case and, ideally, move on.

Nancy Kardon has spent her entire legal career on both sides of the criminal system, first as a former federal prosecutor and now, for the past decade, as a state and federal criminal defense attorney in Colorado, California and in federal courts nationwide.    Her firsthand knowledge and application of the strategies and tools now applied by the very prosecutors she has cases against make her an indispensible asset to any criminal defendant. 

In the course of her practice, Nancy Kardon routinely represents clients charged in matters related to White CollarInternet and Corruption crimes, as well as Child and Sexual Exploitation crimes, Drug Crimes and crimes relating to Domestic Violence.

With the aggressive approach and to go up against even the most seasoned prosecutor and the compassion, discretion and sensitivity to serve as a meaningful ally to her clients, defendants who trust in Nancy Kardon get the best of both worlds. 


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“We hired Nancy Kardon to represent my boyfriend in a criminal case. We did extensive research and were impressed by Nancy's credentials. She did not disappoint. Nancy is very professional. She took the case over from another attorney and we saw results immediately. Nancy cares about her clients and their families. She responded quickly to questions, prepared the case for trial and negotiated fiercely for the best deal. Nancy is dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable about the law. She made the case a priority and got the best deal possible for him. I would recommend Nancy to anyone needing a criminal attorney. She will fight hard because she believes in her clients. She is truly a fantastic attorney, worth every penny.”

Excellent Experience with Nancy

I had an extremely positive experience with Nancy, she was very understanding and helpful when I was needing help in a tough situation. Her background knowledge and experience really shows when you work with her, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for legal help. Nancy was able to explain all of my options confidently and was able to go above and beyond in her work to make sure I was represented correctly.”

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1.   Not only does Nancy understand prosecution procedures, but she also understands how prosecutors and law enforcement think.  She knows from experience what motivates them, what interests them and how they function behind the scenes during the investigative and prosecutive processes.

2.   Because of her eleven years experience working in the United States Attorney’s Office, Nancy has mastered the delicate balance of managing the big- and small-picture intricacies involved in each case.  Working with Southern California’s top experts and investigators, she excels at effective multi-tasking, ensuring that every component of each case is executed timely and accurately, and to her clients' best advantage.

3.   Nancy’s in-depth understanding of the law and its processes – and her distinctive ability to anticipate the prosecution’s next-steps – empowers her to implement powerful creative defense strategies that offer her clients the most favorable results.